Practically unbeatable.

Training at EEW Energy from Waste.

Qualified, skilled workers are more in demand than ever in today’s job market. In addition to a sound apprenticeship and education, the value of continued and further training is increasing steadily. It is for this reason that EEW Energy from Waste provides a wide range of perspectives for apprentices, trainers, instructors and skilled workers.

Everyone has their own individual talents. We have the expertise to challenge and above all support our youth by way of training and enhancing their talents. On account of the large number of apprenticeships and professions requiring training – both commercial and industrial/technical – we are able to provide a wide range of opportunities, and thus contribute to a positive development.

We train people by applying our experience and idealism, as well as innovative ideas, creating an excellent base for starting a career and providing skills to meet future challenges.

We cooperate with various companies in the training association and vocational schools are also an important partner within this dual system. Training at our premises promises practical work in everyday business and in projects. In addition, know-how and skills are enhanced by means of a range of further training courses. Ensuring you’re fit for your profession!

Our qualified instructors and trainers not only provide a wide range of continued and further training for those starting their career, but also numerous seminars and training courses for skilled workers with professional experience.

Have we aroused your interest in training at EEW Energy from Waste? Then don’t miss out on applying for our vacant training places. We look forward to meeting and supporting you in our challenging and inspiring training courses!

EEW Energy from Waste stands for modern continued and further training with tradition - since 1938.


Claudia Löder
Human Ressources