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The resource phosphorus. A component of our lives.

Be it plant, animal or human – without phosphorus no life on Earth could exist. The mineral is a component of DNA, bones and teeth and also plays a decisive role in energy metabolism within the cells. Since phosphorus is also crucial for plant health and development, it is also an important component of fertilizers and as such essential for the farming industry.

Phosphorus cannot be manufactured artificially which is why we are dependent on natural deposits. But the global reserves of phosphorus are limited. The European Commission already categorised phosphorus as a critical raw material in May 2014. Only a few countries have phosphorus deposits, and almost three quarters of the global reserves are concentrated in Morocco (source: Killiches, F. (2013): Phosphat. Mineralischer Rohstoff und unverzichtbarer Nährstoff für die Ernährungssicherheit weltweit [Phosphate. Mineral raw material and essential nutrient for food safety worldwide], BGR (ed.), Hanover). Neither in Germany nor in the EU are there known deposits of raw phosphorus so that we are dependent upon imports from a few countries. At the same time collection of the raw mineral is becoming ever more complicated and expensive – it is to be assumed that there will be price increases in the future. That’s why securing the resource of phosphorus is crucial. And a declaration of independence for our society. 

Sewage sludge recycling with EEW Energy from Waste.

An important contribution to the protection of resources

Sewage sludge, the waste product of sewage treatment, contains phosphorus. For decades sludge fertilizer has ensured good farming yields. At the same time the agricultural use of sewage sludge has negative effects on the environment and health, which is why government policy has significantly limited its future agricultural use. Municipalities are now required to establish the preconditions for resource-sparing disposal of sewage sludge. 

We see it as our responsibility to make an important contribution to preserving this essential resource with our groundbreaking sewage sludge recycling. For this we are relying on the most cutting edge technology: sewage sludge mono-incineration followed by phosphorus recovery in subsequent processes. Find out about our services in the field of sewage sludge recycling and talk to us about groundbreaking solutions in your region.