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EEW Energy from Waste succesfully places first green bond issued by a thermal waste recovery firm

Debut issuance of €400 million EEW Green Bond will serve to (re)finance sustainable projects and was met with very high investor demand

“The response was overwhelming. Investors are impressed by the group’s commitment to sustainability. We are very happy that our vision for the circular economy and resource conservation has now been rounded out on the financing side,” commented Markus Hauck, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Management Board of Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW), on the successful issuance of the company’s first green bond.

The focus was on the company’s sustainability strategy, which is already actively implemented, and its contribution to environmental protection. EEW’s innovative strength in this area was also very well received by international investors.

“We are very proud to have achieved this outcome,” said Markus Hauck, speaking on behalf of his fellow Management Board members Bernard M. Kemper and Dr Joachim Manns. Hauck added: “It clearly underscores that investors have confidence in EEW’s strategic alignment as an essential element of a sustainable circular and resource economy. We will primarily use the proceeds from this bond for sustainable investments in the circular economy and the energy efficiency of our plant network.” With the world’s first and very successful green bond issued by a thermal waste recovery company, the international finance market also sent an important signal on behalf of the entire industry to society and policymakers:

Globally, thermal waste recovery is the most sustainable treatment method for waste which cannot be mechanically or sustainably recycled – because this waste can be used to produce green energy for regional customers.

The sustainable use of state-of-the-art thermal waste recovery plants

  • sanitises non-recyclable waste, thus preventing adverse impacts on human health and the environment
  • utilises the energy contained in non-recyclable waste and therefore substitutes primary fuels such as natural gas, coal or crude oil
  • recycles construction materials and metals from recovery residues
  • avoids landfilling of non-recyclable waste and thus reduces the high and climate-damaging methane emissions from landfills
  • prevents uncontrolled burning or dumping of waste and is thus an important measure to avert marine/environmental pollution from microplastics.

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EEW Energy from Waste (EEW) is a European leader in the thermal recovery of waste and sewage sludge. To sustainably utilise the energy contained in these resources, the company designs, builds and operates recovery plants with cutting-edge technology. EEW therefore plays an essential role in a sustainable circular economy. Currently, 1,250 employees at the EEW Group’s 18 plants in Germany and neighbouring countries are responsible for the energy recovery of around 5 million tonnes of waste per year. EEW transforms the energy contained in the waste, providing it in the form of process steam for industrial plants, district heating for residential areas, and eco-friendly electricity. The recovery of energy from waste at EEW’s plants conserves natural resources, reclaims valuable raw materials and reduces carbon emissions.