Information about Coronavirus

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) - Staying well together!

Dear Visitor,

Our daily lives are being affected by the increased occurrences of coronavirus infections. We want to protect you and our staff as effectively as we possibly can.

Since the coronavirus is spread above all by direct contact between persons, we are currently not offering the usual handshake in greeting – we trust you will understand. In addition we have provided more disinfectant dispensers in our buildings. Please use these when you arrive and when you leave our premises.

Furthermore, the Robert Koch Institute advises washing your hands often and thoroughly with soap – and for at least 20 seconds. If there is no wash basin in sight, solutions, gels or cloths containing alcohol also help with hand disinfection. By the way: By the way: Wearing a mouth-nose protection - especially a FFP2 mask - has been proven to reduce further transmission or passing on of the Covid 19 virus strain for both the wearer and already infected persons. In addition, we continue to ask you not to neglect key hygiene measures such as hand washing.

But above all it is important: Anyone who feels unwell should contact their doctor and if in doubt stay at home in order not to endanger colleagues, customers and/or partners. We have made the same recommendations to our staff members – so if in the coming days and weeks some appointments have to be postponed, please be patient with us because we are acting above all with your health in mind. True to our motto: “Taking the lead” we are taking responsibility for you and for us – because after all we want to stay well together.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding!

Your EEW Team

Visitor- and Hygiene Information

Offer of corona advice download

Dear Sir or Madam,

Due to a number of requests we have decided to make available to all our customers for their individual use advisory notices on corona (hygiene, visitor and health advice) prepared for the EEW Group. Sample pages can be found here.

All the documents are prepared in 14 languages and can be requested from the mail address: presse(at) After receipt of your mail you we will send you instructions for downloading the materials in various open file formats. You are welcome to customise the information to your own corporate design (logo, colours, …).

We hope that this will prove of some support to you and, sending our best wishes for your health, we remain,

Yours faithfully

EEW Group