Energy from WasteZeichen setzen.

Climate-Neutral Electric Power from Waste.

Electric current from waste is an important resource. The high calorific value of the material virtually predestines it for energetic utilisation.

1 metric ton of waste
600 kilowatt-hours of electric power

Waste is incinerated in a boiler. The process naturally gives rise to very high temperatures. The furnace chamber, the afterburning zone and the boiler are surrounded by hundreds of pipes containing feed water, which is heated to high temperatures by the burning waste. Under high pressure (40 bar), the steam generated in the process drives a turbine.

Oil burners are included in the system only for ignition of the waste or in case of significant temperature drops. The waste burns completely independently otherwise.

Depending on the size of the plant, EEW Energy from Waste incineration plants can supply 10,000 (EEW Energy from Waste Göppingen) to 115,000 (Thermal Residual Waste Incineration Plant (TRV) Buschhaus) households with electric current.