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H&SW Catalogue of Questions

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H&SW Catalogue of Questions
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Commissioning EEW location*
How do you fulfil the statutory provisions under the German Safety at Work Act (ASG) and the Accident Prevention Regulation DGUV Provision 2 “Company Physicians and Specialists for Health & Safety at Work”?*
Are your employees instructed regularly on the tasks to be performed in our premises in a manner the workers can understand and is this instruction documented?*
Are occupational health medicals carried out in your company?*
Are employee safety passes issued in your company?*
Before commencing work, did you prepare risk assessments and work instructions for the work to be carried out in our plant in line with the Safety at Work Act, Hazardous Materials and Industrial Safety Regulation?*
Is it ensured that while performing the commissioned work first aiders are appointed and on site in line with statutory principles?*
Do you provide suitable and necessary personal protective equipment appropriate for the work to be carried out in line with the risk assessment you prepared?*
Are the working materials checked regularly for safety and the results documented?*
Is it ensured that the supervisory staff that might be needed while the commissioned work is completed are able to speak the local language and can communicate clearly with the workers deployed?*
Are you prepared to report immediately any work accidents and commuting accidents with medical treatment or any not insignificant environmental pollution on construction sites of the organisational unit commissioning the work?*
Are regular construction site inspections carried out by your company and the results documented?*

How many reportable work accidents (accidents reported to the occupational insurance association (not commuting accidents) with a downtime of more than three calendar days) have occurred within your company in the past three years?

If you wish to participate in a call for tenders for the award of a contract by our Purchasing department, we need a voluntary disclosure from you within the context of the questionnaire on health and safety at work (H&SW questionnaire). This serves the corporate goal of ensuring safety at work. The information provided by you will be stored by us electronically in a database for a period of 3 years and used by us solely for the processing and decisions on the award of contracts. No further use of the information or disclosure to third parties will occur without your express permission, except in case of an instruction from involved group companies. With your voluntary disclosure in the H&SW questionnaire you agree to the stated processing of your data, to the extent that this is necessary for the purposes stated above. You can revoke this consent to us in writing or by e-mail at any time with effect for the future. You have a right to have your information deleted or corrected at any time.

It is important to us to give a good response to your enquiries. To do so we must, of course, process the input data; which we do with responsibility and respect. You can find more details in our data protection statement.