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Our values

We accept responsibility.

Taking the lead both today and tomorrow.

As a leading company in the generation of power and heat from the thermal recycling and disposal of waste, it is our responsibility to take the lead, both in terms of outstanding services as well as binding values and targets that guide our philosophy and activities. We welcome you to evaluate us and our cooperation with partners in terms of such factors.

Vision & Mission

"EEW will continue to strengthen its role as a leading company in the field of resource protection and sustainable energy supply for industry and homes in Europe. As an indispensable part of the circular economy, we reduce climate impact, protect our environment and preserve human and animal health."


"We accept the global and national challenges of climate and resource protection.
Using sustainable and state-of-the-art processes and the opportunities presented by digitalization, we

  • provide climate-friendly energy in the form of process steam, district heat and power,
  • permanently remove hazardous pollutants,
  • preserve primary resources and
  • reclaim valuable raw materials.

All of our activities reflect our binding values, and we maintain trusting relationships among our employees and with our partners."