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We - on the way to the future.

EEW Digital

For EEW, digitization is another important pillar and core topic of the last years as well as the next decades. In addition to sustainability, digitalization in waste management - long since ceased to be a trend - is gaining in importance. 
In order to live up to its market-leading role here as well, EEW is relying on a long-term initiative to integrate digitalization into daily work and life, as well as a goal-oriented transformation on the way to becoming a digital performer. In addition to strengthening digital skills and the associated empowerment of employees, this also includes the design and optimization of diverse work processes and the promotion of digital innovations.

Digital on the move

In order to implement these ambitious but achievable plans, we are constantly on the move - we know the issues, look left and right and are always on the lookout for new impulses, methods and innovations.

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Topics that concern us

The continuous development of measures for digitalisation and innovation has become a core competence of the employees within the entire EEW Group in recent years.

In order to continuously develop the business of the group of companies and to further promote the aforementioned transformation process both in our daily activities and strategically, it is of great concern to us to establish a professional change management along the entire value chain. For EEW, this implementation focuses on the further optimisation of existing processes, but also on enabling employees to actively participate in shaping them with the corresponding competences, know-how and freedom. In addition, internal multipliers act in a wide range of projects to exert a positive and far-reaching influence on a constantly evolving mindset and on securing the future.

For the entire EEW Group, interdepartmental and networked cooperation in the areas of waste management and energy generation, resource conservation, recycling and material cycles is the source of sustainable success. Initiatives in the context of maintenance and production management are particularly important for the plants. To be added is the special importance of digital services for our customers, whose concerns, satisfaction and especially transparency in dealing with important data and information have become a high priority.


The way is the goal

In order to successfully navigate the transformation process and the path to becoming a digital high performer, a diverse and young team is working on the continuous development of the digital transformation within the entire EEW Group.

Transferring digitalization to all areas of the company towards a strong digital mindset.
Integration of the initiative into other areas of the company and the promotion of various projects.
Development into a program and firm integration into the organizational structure.
Launch of a bundled digitization effort as a project.


Daniel Probst
Leiter Digital & Transformation