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Welcome to EEW Energy from Waste.

Energy is the basis for our lives. It drives our industrial and service society, guarantees mobility and is the foundation for digitalisation and interconnection. In our everyday lives electric plugs and central heating in our homes provide entertainment, warmth and comfort. In short: a secure energy supply is a high-value asset for our society and the economy. Since supplies of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are finite, using waste - at least 50% of which is made up of renewable energy - as a resource for energy generation is becoming more and more important. 

Taking the lead is our duty.

As Germany’s leading company for the production of power and heat from thermal waste treatment we consider it our duty to take the lead. With ultra-modern waste incineration plants which are state-of-the-art in terms of both technology and ecology, with impressive services and binding values which inform our thinking and actions. We are driven on by constant change. With an eye on the legal framework conditions and the demands of the future, we develop sustainable and future-based solutions on which we are proud to be judged.

EEW Energy from Waste. Leading in waste recycling.

With our expertise and strong innovation we have turned conventional waste incineration into a highly efficient process combining waste recycling with the generation of energy. Today we are able to take the waste materials accrued in households, trade and industry and return them to the resource cycle through energy-generating treatment. Through incineration we turn waste into energy for households and industrial enterprises, recycle the useful materials in the waste and obtain building materials from the incineration residue. This makes us an important player in a responsible cycle of raw materials.

EEW Energy from Waste. Leading the way in sewage sludge recycling.

A new challenge is the disposal of sludge, the waste product of sewage treatment. Whilst for many years it was standard to use this pollutant-ridden sludge as a fertilizer in the agriculture industry, the legislator has now prepared the way for a far more environmentally friendly sludge disposal. We are tackling this important issue with groundbreaking sewage sludge recycling and the goal of leading by example. As a municipal partner we are on hand to develop solutions for thermal sludge recycling which are sparing on resources. Particularly at existing EEW locations this will produce useful synergies with existing waste incineration plants.

It is up to us to further develop the future model of Energy from Waste as an intelligent component of the energy transition. Judge us by the services we provide, on the low emissions and on our success.