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We tackle the future.

And take responsibility.

Every year around 237 million tonnes of municipal waste is produced in Europe. Whilst in Germany a large proportion of the municipal waste today is already thermally treated and used as energy, in the EU around 54 million tonnes are still disposed of in landfill sites. As a leading company in the generation of warmth and power through thermal waste treatment and waste disposal we are working towards ensuring that the outdated landfill site model is soon a thing of the past all over Europe.

Already today EEW Energy from Waste is making an important contribution towards protecting the climate and resources. In the 17 modern facilities current operated within our corporate group we are able to process around 5 million tonnes of waste per year for energy production and dispose of it sustainably. We make efficient use of the energy contained in the waste and generate process steam for industrial plants, district heating for residential areas and environmentally sustainable power for approximately 700,000 households.* And even the residue from incinerated waste – mostly slag – is used, for instance, in road construction.

Another new challenge is the disposal of sewage sludge, the waste product of sewage treatment. We are taking responsibility and offering municipalities solutions for a groundbreaking sewage sludge recycling which reliably fulfils the legal requirements and guarantees conservation of the vital resource phosphorus.

For us taking the lead means being excellent today and even better tomorrow. With around 1,400 highly qualified and committed employees we are working towards further developing the incineration and recycling of waste as an intelligent component of the energy transition. Here we have in mind the three pillars of a responsible energy economy: efficiency, security of supply and environmental sustainability.

We, EEW Energy from Waste, guarantee municipalities and companies security of disposal, groundbreaking and environmentally sustainable energy generation and consistently customised solutions which are always future-oriented. Judge us by our services, our low emissions and our success.

* calculated assuming an annual average requirement per household of 3,190 kWh