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We convert waste into energy.

And challenges into solutions.

Power provision and waste disposal are fundamental needs of our highly developed industrial society, which have to be planned responsibly, jointly and with far-reaching vision. This is the only way to ensure a reliable power supply, efficiency and environmental sustainability in the long-term and make the most efficient use of resources. With EEW Energy from Waste you can be sure you have the most competent partner at your side – a company with profound experience in the management of waste flows and energy generation on the basis of thermal recycling.

Excellence and experience.

With more than 50 years of experience in waste management and disposal and as the operator of the largest and most modern facilities in Germany we have the experience and excellence to offer each of our customers a tailor-made package of services. This applies to both classic thermal waste recycling and to the groundbreaking recycling of sewage sludge.

Groundbreaking solutions

With EEW Energy from Waste municipalities are ideally prepared for the demands of the future. We are developing ideal solutions for groundbreaking resource-saving sewage sludge recycling. Particularly at current EEW locations this creates useful synergies with existing waste incineration facilities. Application of the leading technology of sludge mono-incineration enables a phosphorus recovery rate of over 80 percent in subsequent processes – thus ensuring that legal requirements are reliably fulfilled.

Comprehensive solutions

For municipalities we ensure with the planning, construction and operation of ultra-modern waste incineration facilities ideally customised concepts for waste disposal and guarantee environmentally sustainable provision of Energy from Waste. For companies we offer a wide range of services for thermal waste recycling and disposal which impresses both our long-term partners and spot market clients. For industrial operators in the vicinity of our plants we offer a needs-based supply of process steam which makes economic sense and protects both the climate and our resources.

Energy near you.

Find out on the following pages about our services and speak to us about your individual projects. We currently have 17 plants in Germany and the neighbouring states – so also near you. Together with you we develop solutions for integrated waste disposal and energy generation which sets standards today and tomorrow.

Energy from Waste

Climate-Neutral Electric Power from Waste.

Electric current from waste is an important resource. The high calorific value of the material virtually predestines it for energetic utilisation.

1 metric ton of waste
600 kilowatt-hours of electric power

Waste is incinerated in a boiler. The process naturally gives rise to very high temperatures. The furnace chamber, the afterburning zone and the boiler are surrounded by hundreds of pipes containing feed water, which is heated to high temperatures by the burning waste. Under high pressure (40 bar), the steam generated in the process drives a turbine.

Oil burners are included in the system only for ignition of the waste or in case of significant temperature drops. The waste burns completely independently otherwise.

Depending on the size of the plant, EEW Energy from Waste incineration plants can supply several tens of thousands households with electric current.

District heating: ideal for everyone nearby.

With conventional power generation plants up to 40% of energy is frequently lost in the form of waste heat, whereas in EEW waste combustion systems with heat and power cogeneration, it is put to use. Simultaneously to the feeding of electricity into regional power grids, heat is also forwarded according to requirements to municipal authorities or to consumers via local district heating networks. Whether with private households or with companies in the proximity of the plant – due to this heating system, district heat consumers require no further energy carriers such as oil and gas, thereby saving space normally needed for their own heating boilers.

Steam Utilised for Industrial Processes.

Process steam is very important in industrial production processes. This form of energy is particularly used by the chemical industry. It is becoming increasingly common for industrial companies to use energy from a waste incineration plant nearby.

Process steam generation is based on the combined heat and power generation principle. The turbine of a waste incineration plant is driven by the steam generated by combustion of waste. This only gives rise to electrical energy.

Removal of part of the steam from the turbine allows the steam to be used in different ways: to generate district heating, as process steam for industrial processes and for generation of electricity. The energetic potential of waste permits this utilisation.