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EEW Expands Activities Along the Value Chain: Construction Begins for First Waste Mixture Pre-sorting Plant in Delfzijl, Netherlands

With the aim of further decarbonizing the process of thermal waste utilization and unlocking new potentials for recycling, EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) today commenced the construction of a pre-sorting plant for waste mixtures at its Dutch site in Delfzijl. The facility will have a sorting capacity of 150,000 tons per year and is expected to be operational by 2026.

"Recovering resources from waste is essential for a circular economy and is therefore becoming increasingly important," explains Timo Poppe, CEO of EEW, on the sidelines of the world's leading trade fair for environmental technology, IFAT. "For this reason, and in line with our sustainability commitment to make more waste accessible for recycling processes, we are constructing a pre-sorting plant for mixed municipal and commercial waste," Timo Poppe continues. "Our goal is to operate carbon-neutrally by 2030."

At the same time, the first pre-sorting plant serves as a trial run for the entire EEW Group, adds Dr. Joachim Manns, COO of EEW: "At our Dutch location in Delfzijl, we often encounter better conditions than in Germany. Many of our future projects start here with the aim of finding the optimal scaling for our entire plant fleet and thereby generating the greatest possible benefit for climate and environmental protection."

The facility could unlock up to 15,000 tons of plastics for recycling from the sorting process - both for chemical and mechanical recycling. Sorting plastics before thermal treatment from the waste mixture significantly reduces CO2 emissions per ton of waste. Additionally, the substitution effects of the recycled raw materials obtained contribute to closing loops and overall CO2 balance relief.

Economically, it also makes sense for EEW to sort plastics before thermal utilization. Because a high proportion of plastics in the waste increases corrosion in the boiler. "Sorting out plastics prevents potential damage to the facilities, ensures efficient thermal utilization, and creates capacity for waste for which recycling is impossible," further explains Dr. Joachim Manns.

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) is a leading company in the circular economy that not only treats waste but uses it as a valuable resource for energy and raw materials. At our 17 sites in Europe, we thermally utilise around 5 million tonnes of waste annually, generating enough electricity to supply 700,000 households. In this way, we make a major contribution to climate protection and resource conservation. With more than 1,400 employees, we work hard to efficiently utilise the energy contained in waste, reduce waste volumes and lower CO2 emissions. Our sustainability strategy aims to make our operations climate-neutral by 2030 and climate-positive by 2045. CO2 capture at our plants will play a key role in this.