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EEW founds subsidiary NEEW VENTURES GmbH

The venture builder is to tap digitalisation potential along the entire waste management value chain In Europe alone, more than 54 million tonnes of waste still wind up in landfills every year, permanently removing them from sustainable utilisation processes in the circular economy. In order to tap this unused material and energy potential of waste utilisation and to digitally optimise the corresponding processes, EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) – Germany’s leading enterprise in the field of thermal waste utilisation – has founded NEEW VENTURES GmbH.

Under the leadership of the venture builder, innovative solutions will be developed to realise the digital optimisation potential along the waste management value chain and thereby make an important contribution to both climate protection and the energy transformation.

Bernard M. Kemper, CEO of EEW: “Digitalisation along the waste management value chain is a challenge. To face that challenge, existing materials and energy cycles must be re-examined with an open mind, optimised, and restructured. That way, the challenge will turn into a true opportunity. My colleagues Markus Hauck and Dr. Joachim Manns and I are thrilled to have persuaded Florian Fehr and Philipp Böhm to manage NEEW VENTURES GmbH together. As the former Head of Venture Development at Viessmann, Florian Fehr brings a broad spectrum of expertise to the table at NEEW VENTURES GmbH. Philipp Böhm will support him with his many years’ experience in the development and implementation of digitalisation projects in a wide range of industries, most recently with icon group, with whom NEEW VENTURES GmbH will be cooperating closely in the future.”

Thomas Fellger, CEO of icon group: “We are pleased to have found a partner in EEW who understands digitalisation as an opportunity to further expand traditional business and at the same time tap into new and exciting areas of business.”

NEEW VENTURES GmbH will take its first business model to market in 2022. Bernard M. Kemper and Thomas Fellger are convinced that the company will be instrumental in shaping a digital future where more closed materials cycles are created – through modern platforms, improved management systems and new technologies.